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The College Essay Guy Podcast: A Practical Guide to College Admissions

May 6, 2017

On this episode:

  • How many schools students should apply to and when is best to start the process
  • An amazing list of resources for helping students get to know themselves better
  • Answers: What is the highest-impact hour that someone should spend developing their college list? (answer may surprise you)
  • What do parents and students miss out on if they only used US News and World Report?
  • What Steven listens for specifically when helping a student develop a list
  • What terms Steven uses instead of “reach,” “match” and “back-up” for schools on a list
  • We play a game where Steven helps me develop a college list on the fly based on a few preferences (something, he points out, he would never do without more information, by the way)… but he plays along and it’s neat to hear the master at work.