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The College Essay Guy Podcast: A Practical Guide to College Admissions

Dec 28, 2017

This episode is an interview… on interviews! Monica James--whom you may’ve heard previously on the podcast in the episode on Demonstrated Interest--absolutely crushes it in this interview, offering more practical advice than you’ll find in most weekend workshops on this topic. And it’s no wonder: for years...

Dec 4, 2017

Should you apply Early Decision or not? Is there a statistical advantage to applying early or not? When making this decision, it might help to know what the regular decision acceptance rate is for a school and what the Early Decision acceptance rate for a school is and then compare those numbers. That’s the first...

Dec 4, 2017


On this episode I talk with Jennie about:

  • Why she created the chart in the first place
  • She explains why your student doesn’t have to be incredible in order to get merit aid
  • How much students’ ability to pay matters in admissions
  • How to use the chart, including how Jennie walks students through a consultation

Dec 4, 2017

On this episode Jeff and I discuss this rad resource on which schools are most generous with financial aid and after he shares with us his story, we discuss:

  • Three huge myths that students and parents have about financially planning for college
  • Why parents should ignore the school’s sticker price
  • Which schools meet...

Dec 4, 2017

On this episode I interview Anne Wager, who used to work for many years in data and technology but made the transition to counseling and, as she puts it, “out of desperation”, developed a set of cards that she uses with students to help them identify, not just their preferences for what they’re looking for in a...